Exploiting the ATAM Space

THATCamp London/DH2010 is being held in King’s recently renovated facility called the Anatomy Theatre and Museum (ATAM) — a Grade 1 listed space which is described as a facility “for exploration and innovation in performance and e-research.”  The ATAM’s website describes the Museum space as equipped with facilities such as “white wall storyboarding with e-beams, software to support thinking, deliberation, and creativity, an access grid equipped studio space with multi-directional digital recording facility, sprung performance floor, and immersive screen and sound environment.”

It would be great if, as a part of the THATCamp experience, one or more groups proposed sessions that exploited some of the specialised facilities available.  The ATAM’s technical expert will be with us throughout the time there, so many things can be arranged on short notice.  We would welcome your suggestions.  If you would like to explore some ideas you might have in more detail, please contact me, John Bradley at john.bradley@kcl.ac.uk.

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