Where is your text going?

I am a tool builder currently focused on building a tool that facilitates transcription of manuscripts housed in digital archives like Parker on the Web and e-codices by performing image analysis to locate each line in an image, and presenting each line to the user for transcription. It really makes transcription and proofreading easier. One of the issues I need to address in my tool is how to ensure users can get the transcriptions they create into the editing or text analysis environments they want to use such as Juxta and TextGrid.

In my experience working with such tools, I have found the data import process to be rather difficult, and documentation lacking.  I want to build a list of the quality editing and text analysis tools people are using and what makes each one stand out, then I will create detailed instructions for getting text into them both from my tool and a more generalized text source. The result will serve as a resource for other tool builders, as well as potential users of the tools.

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  1. avatar tla says:

    Hi Jon,

    I mentioned during your session that I am working on an article about digital text edition, and that I’d like to mention this forthcoming tool of yours. If that is okay, can you please send me a sentence or two about what it’s called, where people will be able to find it eventually, etc? Thanks!

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