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Username: Paul Vetch (CCH)
Biography: Paul Vetch is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Computing in the Humanities at King’s College London, where he is involved in development work, project management, technical infrastructure, and the teaching programme. His primary responsibilities and research interests lie in interface and interaction design, web-based annotation, and mechanisms for publishing on the web. He spent several years running his own business designing websites built around Content Management Systems (CMS) and has an advanced degree in medieval English literature. Paul’s primary responsibility at CCH is in overseeing interface design and addressing usability and accessibility requirements for over 50 web (and DVD/CD) based digital humanities projects. He also manages CCH's considerable server fabric, which provides safe long-term storage of several terabytes of archive quality image and audio data in addition to numerous web-based research outputs. Together with Paul Spence, Paul is responsible for the ongoing development of the xMod XML publishing tool which is used to generate websites for the majority of CCH's web-based research projects.. Paul has spoken and written extensively on the application of Human-Computer Interface theory and praxis to the particular challenges of the digital humanities. In his research, he has focused on issues of usability and accessibility (both practically and strategically) in Digital Humanities projects, as well as user interaction, and rethinking the concept of the digital edition to provide more meaningful interaction with users, primarily through web-based annotation. Most recently he has worked on newer modes of web-based interaction, assessing the potential for the application of Web 2.0 technology and methodology, both to the Digital Humanities and to the cultural heritage sector more generally. Paul's biographical info is rather long.

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