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Username: Faith
Biography: I did my first degree in Ancient History at the University of Reading with a special interest in comparative mythology. Progressing sideways I completed a masters in Archaeological Science (Computing) from University of Southampton. I worked in the Research and Standards department at Reuters as an internal web developer before returning to the University of Southampton in the School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS). As part of the Intelligent, Agents, Multimedia group my research focused on online communities, narrative and the semantic web. My doctorate looked at emergent semantic and web 2.0 technologies through the case study of online fiction archives and author communities ( It was this work, in conjunction with other research in the department, that lead to the development of the OntoMedia ontology for the semantic description of heterogeneous media content. Following on from my doctorate, I utilized this work as a postdoctoral researcher on Electronic Visualisation of C19 French literary-scientific texts: Flaubert's Tentation de saint Antoine and other projects before moving to Dublin to take up a position at the Digital Humanities Observatory. I am currently working as a Digital Humanities Specialist, although I maintain an interest in the application and intersection of new media, web 2.0 and semantic technologies with digital narrative and online communities.

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Telling Stories to your Computer

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

A group of us have been working on a (semi-unofficial) project to describe the narrative content within and across media objects ( Recently we have began looking at bootstrapping the system by playing with TEI marked up plays to identify basic character (and character-interaction) information in addition to our ongoing discussion about at ways to semi-automate or crowd-source the annotation process.

We will be presenting some of our work at DH but I am interested in discussing topics related to semantically describing the narratives within texts (from actual textual data to multimedia sources) such as the applications that data could be used for, to the issues of annotation, search/filtering, analysis, visualisation/presentation and how to make the data easily available/useful to researchers.

I’d also be very interested in talking to other people who had material/projects that they thought might benefit from this type of annotation as we are always looking for different use-cases to explore the possibilities of.