Marco Petris


Username: mpetris
Biography: I'm a software developer and research assistent at the University of Hamburg, Department of Languages, Literature and Media. My current fields of interest are textual analysis tools and story generators.

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Tagger for hermeneutic markup

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

I’m currently interested in hermeneutic markup hence my proposal: let’s try a web based tagger that lets the user define custom tags and give him the ability to apply those tags to passages of the current web page. As Wendell pointed out, tags should be able to overlap and allow a good visibility. We could go for a firefox plugin implementation and write out the tags and tagging locally. Or we could try a full fledged ajax tagger that talks to a server. We could also add complexity and save the tagging as TEI standoff markup and the tags as TEI feature structures. Or down the other way we just prototype some GUIs and lay out the architecture for such a tagger. Preferably an architecture that fits both the plugin and the ajax solution to allow sever based as well as client only usage.