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Username: richardd
Biography: Richard Deswarte is currently Head of the History Data Service and ESDS Social History Data Manager at the UK Data Archive, University of Essex. Richard’s two main research interests are history and computing, particularly digital history, and the history of the European idea and European integration. He was previously a researcher on the VICODI project ( which created a prototype semantic webportal for history using a specially created history ontology. His most recent article entitled ‘‘Growing the ‘Faith in Numbers’: Quantitative Digital Resources and Historical Research in the Twenty-First Century’ will be published in the next issue of the Journal of Victorian Culture.

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Create an archive/library app wish list – discussion proposl

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Following on from Alexandra Eveleigh’s call to archivists (and librarians) to herd or be herded (being heard more by the wider world would also be nice) I would like to suggest a discussion on useful new apps, in particular to discuss and create an archive or librarian app wish list. What one app would reach out and would make people more aware and/or facilitate archive/library use? Perhaps this could then inspire the developers to make it happen quickly and cheaply (because all too often archives lack the time, funds and the computing expertise to make good ideas reality).