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Username: tla
Website: http://www.eccentricity.org/
Biography: Once I was a professional computer systems engineer. Then the dot com bust happened and I got hooked on history instead. Now I'm a Byzantinist who is suspiciously good with computers.

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Digital history

Monday, July 5th, 2010

As a historian who can very easily be mistaken for a philologist, I have recently been pondering the question of what technology can do for the field of history.  Digital tools have proven themselves in quite a few surrounding fields – archaeology, philology, text criticism and analysis.  But can we also use computers to help us put all this disparate data together?  Can we use computers to help us keep track of historical reasoning?  Are there any useful formal models that could be made for historical research?

If so, how do we do it?  If not, must history itself be excluded from the ‘digital humanities’?