THATCamp London will be held at King’s College London (KCL), in the college’s newly created iLab. KCL is in the middle of London, right beside the Thames river and you can see the Houses of Parliament from some of its windows. KCL is also hosting DH2010, which follows immediately (7-10 July) after the London THATCamp, so you can go from one event to the other without even leaving the building. We have the use of KCL’s newly renovated Anatomy Theatre and Museum (ATAM) as our centre of operations. On Day One, enter the main KCL Strand building from the main (Strand) entrance to KCL, and follow the signs guiding you to the registration table.

There is a security passageway next to a barred driveway immediately adjacent to the main building. This is right on Strand (the street) and the barred gate is quite visible. Please enter the passageway and walk into the Quadrangle beyond. The second door on the left takes you into a Foyer where you should see a Porter’s glassed in booth. Walk behind it into the corridor and take a right. A few steps beyond this on the left are recessed elevators. Take one to 6th floor, and you will be within a few feet of the Anatomy Theatre & Museum.

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